My Story

Hello beautiful human! I’m Kate, a multi-faceted artist living on Oahu. The first thing you should know about me is that I strive to encourage harmony. Harmony between humans, harmony in nature and harmony within myself. 

I absolutely love to make things with my hands. Give me a stick, I’ll widdle it. Give me a rock, I’ll carve it. Someone handed me a mound of clay one time and I fell in love with bending the Earth.

I love to immerse myself in nature, to watch the rhythm and flow of it all. When I paint, it feels like a dance across the canvas. Reminding me of the rhythm of the tides upon the sand. I currently live in a beautiful, tropical paradise called Hawaii. From the mountains to the sea, inspiration abounds. As I celebrate this island life, I love to share the freedom, peace and joy it brings through my ceramics and paintings.


Throughout the years I have studied under some of the most talented teachers of all different mediums. Ceramics, leatherwork, woodworking and most recently, painting. I am currently a student at the Milan Art Institute.



I grew up in Upstate New York where I first fell in love with the land. Growing up in the country, I have a deep love for the outdoors.

My love for the land lead me to be curious about something I knew very little about, the ocean. 


This curiosity lead me to Hawaii where I currently live, create, share joy and enjoy nature 🌎


This journey has led me down a path of finding out something I didn’t realize I was searching for, my purpose here. To express freedom, hope and independence for nature, myself and others through my work.  

The more I paint, the more I realize how beautifully connected we all are with this world. I hope to share this vibrant dance of connected harmony through my paintings with you! 


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